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Ron Roy's Biography

RON ROY is an Internationally Acclaimed - Award-Winning Producer / Director in Television, Home Video / Music, Commercials, and Corporate Video Production... and is currently a Pioneer in Leading America into a New Era of "Clean, Green, Off the Grid" Hydrogen Fuel Cell Energy on a Global Basis.

He is the creator of the critically acclaimed MOODTAPES Video / Music Series which has been recognized for excellence by the American Film Institute and Billboard Magazine. His original instrumental Moodtapes music has charted "TOP TWENTY COAST TO COAST” on major radio stations even being chosen numerous times by LOS ANGELES NATIONALLY SYNDICATED RADIO STATION "THE WAVE" as the featured "Saturday Night CD" in which the complete album is played in it's entirety! Roy’s original rock videos have also premiered on MTV and VH-1.

Ron Roy's podcast "RELAX WITH MOODTAPES" was an immediate international success on iTunes reaching their "Top Twenty Favorite Podcasts". MOODTAPES soothing original instrumental music is continuously downloaded on iTunes by an ever expanding worldwide audience.

Ron Roy's productions have received numerous International Awards for Outstanding Production and Direction, and his MOODTAPES series has been named by Bloomingdale's as "ONE OF AMERICA'S BEST GIFT IDEAS"! Moodtapes have also been national "Top Sellers" in major upscale specialty gift shops such as NATURE CO. and NATURAL WONDERS and have been leading sellers for years in the READER'S DIGEST CATALOG.

Ron Roy has spent over two decades in the entertainment industry, both in front and behind the camera. As a young actor, he guest starred and appeared in numerous television series (DALLAS, BLACK SHEEP SQUADRON, POLICE STORY, CAPITAL, etc.) movies, legitimate theater, and dozens of national commercials (Chevrolet, Triumph, Zenith, Bayer, Sears, etc). As a producer/director, his work has reached a multi-million viewer audience annually on The Fox/Family Channel with his two-hour hit comedy special "STAND-UP COMICS TAKE A STAND!" His producer/director credits also include hundreds of industrials, commercials, and even major Las Vegas Musical Stage Shows.

Ron Roy is the winner of the prestigious NEW YORK / INTERNATIONAL VIDEO AWARD… DuPONT'S CORPORATE VIDEO OF THE YEAR AWARD… and the U.S. INTERNATIONAL FILM & VIDEO AWARDS coveted "GOLD CAMERA AWARD" for receiving First Place Honors a (with over 1500 entries from 27 countries)! He has also received FIVE INTERNATIONAL TELLY AWARDS for Outstanding Achievement In Video Production and he is the recipient of Hollywood's ANGEL AWARD in documentary films. Roy was instrumental in creating the youth-oriented Fashion Rock Videos which are seen on television and in major retail outlets from coast to coast.

Ron and his numerous productions have consistently been featured on national television programs including Entertainment Tonight, E! TV, Oprah, Hollywood Insider, Regis Live, Fox TV, MTV, VH-1, The Family Channel, Wall Street Journal Television, Eye on LA, The 700 Club, The Business Channel, the CBS Morning Show, and CNN.

Completely aside from his endeavors in the entertainment industry, Ron Roy’s current passion is bringing clean, affordable, and dependable "green" energy to the globe as a Principal Partner and PR/Media/Video Director of Altergy Systems, Inc.

Roy’s first video for Altergy - "ALTERGY - THE FUTURE IS NOW" - has already received three major international awards of achievement: The INTERNATIONAL AEGIS AWARD ... The INTERNATIONAL AURORA AWARD... and the Prestigious INTERNATIONAL DAVEY AWARD (presented by THE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF THE VISUAL ARTS and sponsored by FORTUNE SMALL BUSINESS and ADWEEK).

Altergy Systems FREEDOM POWER™ hydrogen fuel cell technology (Altergy Systems Hydrogen Fuel Cells ) first "made history" by being chosen as the "First and Only" Hydrogen Fuel Cell System Ever Purchased by the State of California for the California Environmental Protection Agency.

Altergy has also been chosen by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to provide the "clean, green, off the grid" power to light California's Official State Christmas Tree ... making it the First Hydrogen Fuel Cell in US History ever to provide the power for an Official State Christmas Tree Ceremony! (Altergy Powers California's Official Christmas Tree)

Furthermore, Altergy Systems has unveiled the World’s First Automated & Fully Robotic, High Volume Fuel Cell Assembly Line bringing low cost… dependable… clean energy to the world market. Altergy’s official “Robotic Line” unveiling was attended my numerous VIP’s including Official Comments from Governor Schwarzenegger and the official dedication by Congressman Dan Lungren. Altergy’s robotic line is being hailed as one of the most important breakthroughs in fuel cell technology … equal to Henry Ford’s introduction of the first automobile production line! (Altergy Unveils World's First Robotic High Volume Production Line)

Ron’s friendly personality, quick wit, and numerous anecdotes about the entertainment industry, environmental issues, and current lifestyles make him a frequent guest on television and radio talk shows and the lecture circuit.